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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Color Me Happy!

There's just something about color that speaks to me and I have the 10,784 paint chips to prove it.

When my old friend Ben Moore and I get together, we have the best time! Why just the other day, we were laughing about when I went out with Martin Senour in the 80s and painted my bedroom peach with teal (yes, teal) trim. I think the peach had the word "Foxy" in its name. I have no idea what the teal was called but I'm sure it was something like "Big Mistake."

To make it even more cool I painted a teal stripe around the room (which I eyeballed because measuring and painters tape is for wussies or people who want things to look good) and then painted silhouettes of cats on top of the stripe just to give it that sexy boudoir vibe. To this day, I still don't understand how I didn't end up a spinster because we all know that nothing attracts a man like crazy cat lady d├ęcor.

In the 90s, I lived in a THE BIG FANCY HOUSE, in which I used a lot of neutrals because I thought that's what you had to do in A BIG FANCY HOUSE. It was beige and it made me feel beige. So I painted the guest room raspberry and the dining room blue and life was good. Then we moved and I found my soul mate - the ordinary ranch that everyone, including my husband, thought was ugly. When I walked in, it whispered, "come live in me and I will make you happy." And it did.

Just like in any relationship, there are times we fight. Some days my house gets a little cranky and just refuses to allow the sewage to go to wherever sewage is supposed to go and our toilet backs up. Once it had a full-out temper tantrum and spewed something unmentionable up in the hall tub 10 minutes before 30 kids showed up for a birthday party. But it's a house that loves color, just like I do!

Photo bombed by "Mooch."
So Ben Moore and his buddies, Pratt and Lambert, and I have splashed color everywhere!

From one end of the kitchen to the other and everywhere in between. Just the way my house and I like it...

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